CompuStaff is here to help your organization build teams that will maximize value for all key stakeholders.

Our firm will dedicate its resources and focus on a consultative, collaborative and customized search approach. The result will be the ability to quickly identify and deliver the most capable and committed candidates for your executive team.


Our Approach



We value your expertise and experience and will include you in each step of the search process, rather than as an adjunct to the final decision-making stage. This is especially true when you are looking to fill the role with an executive with proven experience.


Our process is open and transparent. We will provide regular updates and encourage feedback as the process evolves. Often, the position responsibilities and candidate requirements change. Therefore, an open line of communication will ensure a smooth process.


We will work in collaboration with all key decision makers to ensure all voices are heard and issues are addressed. We strive to reach a consensus-based decision.


Our Playbook

As a team, we all play by the same playbook – a process adhering to the best practices.

We’ve spent hours studying what works and what doesn’t; so you don’t have to.

We’ve developed a process that guarantees success; for you and the company.

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